Training Materials


In an environment requiring constant introduction of Housing for Health principles and operating methods to new staff and communities, a range of training materials has been developed to assist in accessibility to the details of the Housing for Health program.

Identifying poor environments

Over 7500 houses have been surveyed and fixed as part of Housing for Health projects. For the Housing for Health methodology to be repeatable, training materials were required to be produced.

Designing for better health

To produce a range of materials to help make the Housing for Health process accessible to local community Team Members, Team Leaders, Managers and various levels of management involved in the Housing for Health projects.

Example of training materials developed is the Electrical and Plumbing Services training boards.

Training Boardsdetail2 Training Boardsdetail

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The problem

Over 7500 houses have been surveyed and fixed as part of Housing for Health projects. For the Housing for Health methodology to be repeatable, training materials were required to be produced.

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The solution

The training materials produced include:

  • Training Boards
  • Team Leader information sheets providing detailed information on each of the Team Leader survey sheet questions 
  • Managers Training Manual 
  • Infrastructure A3 format laminated poster sheets describing mains services, water and wastewater systems encountered in a broad range of houses.
  • Housing For Health process sheets: an A3 format book for new Team Members to see the roles they will be playing in the Survey stage of each project.
  • The Housing for Health overview / history of the methodology, principles and works completed nationally and internationally since 1985 
  • The septic tank, wastewater treatment animation to help explain the importance and method of treating wastewater.

 Gr1 Training Boards

Training Materials

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Trial projects

The materials have been developed, trialled, adjusted and used throughout the Housing for Health program.

Ten sets of the training boards (20 total) were produced during the contract period. Six of the previously produced cases were also repaired /maintained using funds from this contract. The training boards allow for context based learning and training of Housing For Health Team members on the ground.

By using these custom designed and manufactured transportable training cases team leaders can instruct and train team members effectively and demonstrate the checking of the items in relationship to the survey data sheets. The unit has been designed to be easily carried on and off light aircraft.

Use of the training boards has led to understanding of the testing and maintenance procedures. Fixing & maintenance lead to safer & healthier environment.

Gr4 Training Boards Dscf0013 Gr2 Training Boardsdetail1 3

Gr3 Training Boardsdetail1 4

Images: training boards in use for team training sessions before survey work commences

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Where to next?

For information for architects, designers, students, communities, housing managers go to :

Housing for Health - the guide

Understanding the process (Housing for Health the program)

Social Aspects - local involvement

Why the houses need fixing

What is health hardware? Video below

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Hf H Toolmen & Friend It is commonly proffered that Aboriginal housing programmes should be key drivers of Aboriginal employment. One major problem with this approach is that these programmes are time limited, usually with a small number of houses being constructed in any community. External building contractors have difficulty in training, and hence employing, local staff when the projects are only likely to last for a period of months. On the other hand, maintenance work is a constant need in communities and the skills learnt in Housing for Health programmes can serve as a basis for long term employment in addition to the short term benefits of real work on the projects themselves. Lack of employment is of course associated with poorer health status.

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Linking health and the house

Linking health and the house

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