Why the houses need fixing

Total number of jobs completed in houses by licenced trades = 160,573

Lack of routine maintenance

Why Houses Need Fixing1

Licensed trades considered these jobs were required because of the absence of normal routine maintenance. Whilst all houses require ongoing, routine maintenance – better quality materials with careful specification and design will reduce, but never eliminate, maintenance. This has remained the largest area of work for Housing for Health projects over 25 years.

73% 0% 100%

Poor initial construction

Why Houses Need Fixing2

These jobs have repaired work built badly or work that was never completed by the original builders. For example pipes not attached to drain water from sinks or baths, toilet waste pipes running up hill, light switches not connected to light fittings, smoke detectors not connected. This category of work has grown significantly in the last 5 years.

19% 0% 100%

Damage, vandalism, misuse or overuse by tenants

Why Houses Need Fixing3

These are jobs required to repair damage or misuse by tenants. As many Indigenous houses tested in this program are overcrowded, with 10-12 people in a two-bedroom house not unusual, this obviously places greater pressure on all parts of the house. Frustration over lack of maintenance being done may lead to tenants unsuccessfully attempting to fix parts of the house and this may be recorded in this category as tenant damage.

8% 0% 100%