The Community Plumbing Challenge, India 2015

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Healthabitat has put together a summary of the Community Plumbing Challenge held in Nashik India recently.

HH was excited to be involved in the similar, inaugural Water Innovation Challenge in Singapore in 2014 it was a radically new idea to introduce 'real world' problems to be solved by multi skilled teams. The success of the 2014 Challenge in Singapore allowed the development of the ideas that would greatly benefit the 2015 event. HH was keen to be involved again in the planning and running of the Nashik Challenge.

Rather than real problems being presented in a remote venue (as was the case in Singapore), where constructions and ideas were displayed for judges and interested public onlookers, this year the real problems to be solved had names, faces and voices of 400 children attached. The Nashik School 125 committee, and the hard working principals, were passionate about improving their school environment and the welfare of the children and staff who learn and play there.

As a result of a year of planning, months of preliminary work by the Challenge teams, their support staff and organisers we arrived at Nashik for a final hectic week.
During that week it was co-operation rather than competition that will be remembered. The skills and hearts of many were combined.
For 30 years HH has had the simple goal of improving living environments to improve health and by the Challenge week’s end, 400 children and school staff had an improved school environment and the chance of better health.

We congratulate all those with the vision and resolve to develop the Challenge in 2015. 


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