Shower, laundry and toilet blocks for Groote … not really

Groote shower block_page_2

Groote Eylandt looked to be getting ready for Xmas in July with prefabricated shower, laundry and toilet areas and some kitchen areas delivered and still wrapped up like Xmas presents (for salt spray protection during barging to the site from Darwin). Some houses are being upgraded and some new houses are being built by GEBIE Civil and Construction and this Aboriginal company has decided to use local on site labour for the general renovation works and new house works and bring in the ‘trade rich’ shower, laundry and toilet areas from Darwin. HH has checked some completed buildings and the work quality and house function, compared to the National Indigenous Housing Guide requirements has been very high. In future news we hope to show you the completed houses on the Eylandt and meet some of those doing the work.

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