Let the games begin...


Let the games begin…

As the NT election draws near, both sides of politics have entered into a race on the construction of new houses for indigenous communities.
And there are big promises with the CLP to construct 1935 new houses. The ABC article ‘A big mob in the House” outlines this.

Having already spent nearly all the $1.7 Billion allocated in SIHIP, HH asks do these new houses all function properly? What measures were made to ensure so? And what gains in overcrowding have been made?

With more massive expenditure pending, we put forward the proposition that fixing existing houses can dramatically improve overcrowding

We await to see the outcome of the election and if either party can keep their promises and improve the health of their indigenous constituents.

And the winner is…

* quote from ABC article "A Big Mob in the House" by Jane Bardon originally published on ABC news. Click here for link.

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