Good ideas flow on like water

Water flows

Back in October 2014, the Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service (NSW), led by the Dental Program, made the bold move of providing chilled water to the local school kids.

Providing a supply of free, clean, chilled water into the school in north western NSW was a strongly driven local health initiative. It provided an alternative to sugar laden soft drinks. The project provided the water chiller, 5 bubbler points and personal drinking bottles for each child. This work was been supported by the School, Rotary and, in a small way, HH. The AMS continues to monitor the system and check the impact of this initiative on the children.

Read about the Walgett project BY CLICKING HERE 

Now similar work has been taken up the University of Sydney's Poche Centre for Indigenous Health with the installation of the chilled, filtered water bubblers, at the Boggabilla and Mungindi Central Schools and Toomelah Public School. 

HH is excited to see how the initiative taken by the team at the Walgett AMS, leading the way to improve dental health and health generally, is now being expanded around the state.


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