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Welcome to Fact or Fiction where you can test your knowledge on Healthabitat, the Housing for Health history, method and program, the big issues, overseas projects and more. Your score will determine your knowledge of Indigenous health and housing, for example, 0 out of 5 means you are starting from scratch while 5 out of five 5 means pack your bags and join our team!

The Housing for Health principles began being developed in 1985

The Housing for Health trial in New York was initiated by the New York City Housing Authority

Yami Lester stressed action with the phrase - no survey without service

Fixing faulty initial construction costs more than double the cost of tenant damage

The Nepal toilet project is managed by Community Health Development Society, Nepal a local NGO.

Hmmmm... with this score

you could be a government Minister in charge of Indigenous housing or health policy!!!
First, abandon the quiz, second, don't make any housing or health related decisions in the next 24 hours and third, have a good look at the website... you should try and learn a few things before having another go at improving your quiz score... the only way is up!


Whoops... with this score

you are either new to the area or a senior policy advisor on Indigenous housing or health. Throw away the broad brush, lose the acronyms and go back and have a good look at the website... then look at it again before attempting the quiz again. It’s still a long way to the top!!


OK... given this score, we think

you need to study the site hard, the gods and the devils are in the detail and you are tending to the lower, warmer places... read more and improve your knowledge of Indigenous housing and health, and have another go.


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you are on the way to a good understanding of housing and health links, the big issues and ideas... a back track through the website and more regular visits will increase your scores. Have another go at the quiz and good luck!


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you are probably not working within any government on Indigenous housing or health policy (if so you are doing it covertly)... you probably have worked with Indigenous communities... with your knowledge you may be helping, so keep working and occasionally check the website for updates.


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you are either:
A) an Indigenous person
B) have worked in the areas of housing or health
C) are from outside Australia or
D) have spent a lot of time and effort understanding Indigenous housing and health issues.
If you can repeat this result 3 times you should sign up to work with us!