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Housing for Health - the Guide

Housing for Health – the Guide is based on safety and health principles called the Healthy Living Practices. The Guide is firmly based on the living environments and health of Indigenous Australians living in urban, suburban, rural and remote areas. 

The Healthy Living Practices link your health and the place where you live, anywhere in the world. Over time the Guide will allow access to the health principles more broadly, and be informed by those using the principles worldwide.

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Healthabitat O/S - a subsidiary of HH

Healthabitat O/S (HH O/S) is a subsidiary of Healthabitat (HH) established in 2015 with the aim to to improve and advance the health and standard of living of people living in poverty throughout the world, primarily through facilitating the improving of their housing and surrounding living environment.

HH O/S can provide tax-deductibility status to donors and receive donations online for its projects and will remain guided by the methodologies and principles of the Australian work created and managed by HH. All surplus funds must be spent on projects.


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Housing for Health - update

Since 1999, Healthabitat has delivered over 218 Housing for Health projects nationally using a standard, but constantly updated, methodology.

Housing for Health projects are only commenced when everything needed for a successful project is in place, including: local community discussion and agreement, the agreed employment of local Indigenous staff, money ready to pay for fix work on day one of the project, trades available for immediate fix work and all tools are on site.

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